Council Name Badge

Our council’s name badge represents membership in a community of brothers dedicated to charity and fraternity. When you wear your name badges at a church event, parishioners can immediately identify you. It tells everyone you encounter that you are a man of faith, a man of character, a man willing to lend a hand. Fellow members see a friend and brother Knight that they can greet by name at council, regional or state meetings.

If you are a new Knight, the cost of the badge is included in your Initiation Fee.

If you are a recent transfer into our council and would like to have a Membership Badge as shown they can be ordered at a cost of $15.

Additionally, you have the option to add a magnetic strip to the back for $3 more.

Pay online

  1. Required: Select if you want to purchase a name badge only or if you'd like to add the $3 optional magnet.

  2. Required: Specify how you want your Full Name to be displayed.

  3. Optional: Specify if you want your officer role / tile to be.

  4. Click Buy Now to complete a secure transaction via PayPal.

Pay in-person

Alternatively, you can use cash or check (made out to Knights of Columbus 6650) to pay in-person at a Council meeting. Please see our Treasurer, Will McGowan to complete the transaction.