Thank you to our current officers for the time they devote in service.  Want to read more about what their official duties are?  Read more.

Joe Crowe
Grand Knight
Msgr. Doug Reed
Kris Bram
Deputy Grand Knight
Chris Peffley

Steve Schaale, PGK
Financial Secretary

Sam Clopper
Patrick Yanke
Tom Eifler, PGK
3 Yr Trustee
Tony Biel
2 Yr Trustee
John Diller
 1 Yr Trustee
           Rob Crews
Paul Kondor
            Inside Guard
        Carlton Saul
      Church Director
        Joe Healey
      LAMB Director 

                    2019 - 2020 Officers and Directors
Joe Crowe Grand Knight 
Msgr. Doug Reed Chaplain 
 Kris Bram  Deputy Grand Knight 
 Chris Peffley Chancellor 
Will McGowan Recorder
 Sam Clopper Treasurer
Patrick Yanke  Lecturer
 Tom McGraw Advocate
 Rob Crews Warden
 Ralph Abbey Outside Guard
 Paul Kondor Inside Guard 
 John Diller 1 Year Trustee 
Tony Biel 2 Year Trustee 
 Tom Eifler, PGK 3 Year Trustee 
 Steve Schaale, PGK Financial Secretary 
 Carlton Saul  Church Director 
John Summers Community Director 
 Ron Logan Culture of Life Director 
 Tom Eifler Family Director 
 Chris Peffley Membership Director 
 Joe Healey  LAMB Director
Joey Owens Field Agent