Upcoming Degree Dates

posted Aug 24, 2012, 8:03 AM by Keith Biegert
Please spread the opportunity of being a knight and look for opportunity to advance to full knighthood in the third degree.   Here is the schedule of upcoming degrees.  Let me know (rick@kofc6650.org  or 919-274-9823) if you need more information on any upcoming degree.  Candidates and observers should arrive well before scheduled start times.  New first degree candidates must go through the admissions committee and balloting as well as pay $15 initiation fee + at least one quarter dues before taking the first degree.
FIRST DEGREE                    
Mon Aug 13 at 7:30pm                   Cary 6650
Thu Sept 6 at 7:30pm                     Apex 7186
Tue Sept 11 at 7:30pm                  Fuquay-Varina 12119
Mon Oct 22 at 7:30pm                    Cary 6650
Thu Nov 1 at 7:30pm                      Apex 7186
Mon Dec 10 at 7:30pm                   Cary 6650
Tue Dec 11 at 7:30pm                    Fuquay-Varina 12119
SECOND DEGREE                              
Tue Aug 28 at 7:00pm     Raleigh St. Raphael Council 9880
Mon Oct 22 at 7:30pm    Cary 6650                              
Fri Sep 14  at 7:30 (candidates arrive 6:00 – 7:00pm, observers by 7:00pm  Raleigh St. Raphael Council 9880
FOURTH DEGREE  (candidates must be a knight for 6 months and taken the third degree )
Sat Oct 20 Embassy Suites Greensboro
Rick Scherer, FDD, PGK, PFN
Membership director
Msgr. Michael A.  Carey Council 6650