posted Nov 7, 2012, 12:54 PM by Keith Biegert
This is just a reminder that there will be a Council business meeting on Monday November 12, 2012.
As usual the meeting starts at 7:30 with rosary at 7:00.
I would like to have a short executive committee meeting at 6:30 in the library and request the council leadership and trustees attend. The executive committee meeting is open to all interested council members.
Also be aware that we have a Christmas card sale at all masses at St Michael this week and we need assistance.  
Please remember in your prayers all of those people in NY and NJ that were displaced by hurricane Sandy.  There are still almost 2 million people without electricity.  Electricity, along with clean water, are two things that we take for granted and don’t realize how important they are until you flip the switch and the lights don’t come on or turn the faucet and nothing comes out.  I personally know of three people that lost friends or relatives on Staten Island in NY.  Take some time to consider what you have and how fortunate and blessed you are as what we have can vanish without notice and in such a short time.  Fortunately, with the grace of God, the human spirit is hard to break and we are flexible and resilient.  
Vivat Jesus!
Jack Nemetz
Grand Knight