Operation Lamb Needs Your Help

posted Jul 25, 2012, 6:12 AM by Keith Biegert
It is LAMB collection time again.  Howard Zahn has been working hard to line up collection places for us in August, September and October.
LAMB is the single largest charity the Knights support.  Our council has a personal goal to raise in excess of $20,000 for LAMB this year.  This is a charity which helps children with learning disabilities. The only way we can raise this money is through our various collection point Tootsie Roll sales.  Every two hour shift at a collection point returns approximately $100 in donations.  As you can see will need to staff 200 shifts over the next three months to meet our goal.
The upcoming weekend of August 3-5 is the “NC Tax Free Weekend”.  Typically our best time to collect.  Unfortunately almost all of the shift slots are still open.  There is no easier volunteer work that standing at a collection point for two hours.  Please sign up, we need your participation.  You can even make it a family affair and bring the wife & kids.  Children actually like to help and they have a benefit of drawing attention to the plight of children how are not as fortunate.
If you decided to become a Knight to follow the Catholic principle of helping  people in need; then, this is a great opportunity to make a contribution of your time to help those people.
Remember, LAMB stands for “Least Among My Brethren”, let’s help those who are often frequently forgotten.  
Contact Howard Zahn hezahn@nc.rr.com to volunteer.
Thanks for your support.
Jack Nemetz

Grand Knight