Monday Night Charity Football Challenge

posted Jul 8, 2015, 8:03 AM by Keith Biegert
Brother Knights,

(Please take the time to read this post - this is an important fund raiser for us)
If you have attended meetings this year you have heard about the forthcoming fund raiser to support our charitable activities.  Beginning in July we will start the sales of our “Monday Night Charity Football Challenge” chance books.  We are hoping that this new program will be a successful fund raiser for the council.  However, it will only be successful if we can sell a sufficient number of the chance books. 
The potential is there for this to be a significant fund raiser.  For each 100 books we sell we will generate almost $1,000 for the council to use for its various activities.  We are hoping to sell 300 books in our first year and thus return $3,000 for our programs.  The potential though is much greater.  If each member would buy one book and sell one book our almost 400 members could generate close to $8,000.  Two books is not a lot of work for an individual member when looked at in this perspective.
Here is how the challenge works.
  • Entries consist of a book of twenty games and are sold in blocks of 100 books.
  • There are seventeen Monday night games, the AFC and NFC playoff championship games and the Super Bowl in each book
  • Each book cost $20, or a dollar a game
  • There will be $50 awarded to a winner each week for each block of 100 books.  That means that the purchase of a book always has a one in five chance of winning $50. 
  • Each game in a challenge book consists of a 10x10 grid (100 squares) with random numbers across the top and side for each team representing the last digit of the final score. 
  • Each book is serially numbered and corresponds to one of the squares on the grid.
  • For example if the score is 29 for the home team and 18 for the visitors the place on the grid that is the intersection of the two columns of the last digit, 9 and 8, will be the winner that week.
The process is easy and it adds a little more interest to the game for many players. 
Winners do not have to do anything.  We will notify everyone by email which book is the winner.  If there are multiple blocks of books sold the same grid square will win in each block.  We will mail, or in some cases hand deliver, the checks to the winners within a few days of the game.
We expect to post the running results on the council web site each week.
Everything is all set to go.  The first three hundred books are printed and sales officially start in July.  All we need is for brother Knights to help sell the books.  If you can, please stop by St Michaels conference center, an hour before our July meeting to pick up some challenge books. 
Other arrangements will be made for additional pick up locations shortly.
The success of this fund raiser now resides with you.  If you have questions about how it works or how to get books early contact Jack Nemetz at or he will be available to answer questions prior to the business and social meetings in July.
Thanks for your support.  Let’s make this the best fund raiser ever!
Vivat Jesus,
Tom Eifler, GK

P.S. I want to thank Jack for his insight into seeing the fun and value of this fundraiser.