Christmas Card Sale

posted Oct 29, 2012, 7:38 AM by Keith Biegert
Council 6650 will be selling religious Christmas Cards at St Mike’s on November the 10th and 11th after all the Masses.  We will have a table set up in both the East and West Gathering Space next to Birth Choice’s table which will also be selling religious Christmas Cards.  Both Ron Logan and I will be running the show, but will need a person to oversee the operations for the 12:15 PM Mass on Sunday morning as both of us will be at the Veterans Day Lunch at St Andrew’s.  
                        Selling the cards is an easy task that only requires arriving 15 minutes prior to your regular Mass and staying about 15 minutes after Mass.  We only have this one Sunday before Christmas, but Norma Powers has told us that the Parish Office will sell the cards after the 11th of November. 
                       See the “SignUpGenius” link directly below to pick a Mass.  I can be reached at or 919-270-1171 and Ron can be reached at RONALD.LOGAN@ATT.NET or 919-306-1748