Operation LAMB

The LAMB Foundation of NC is a public 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity dedicated solely to assisting people who have intellectual disabilities within the state of North Carolina.   As a result, 93% of the funds we raise directly goes to programs that support people with intellectual disabilities.  

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From Kathleen Neff, Dillard Drive Elementary School

"As a speech and language pathologist who serves students with special needs, the

LAMB funds that I receive have been a blessing. I am provided a very small amount of

money, $50 per year, from my school PTA to purchase therapy materials and programs

which typically will purchase one item each year. I have used my LAMB grant money to

purchase programs and supplies essential to the support of students with learning

disabilities, speech and language impairments, autism, and other disorders that impact

a student's ability to understand language and communicate effectively in the school

environment. One of my well-loved therapy tools that I have purchased has been the

Social Thinking curriculum that I use to teach a variety of social and emotional skills so

that students are met with successes across the school day. Thank you for supporting

students with special needs!"

Kathleen Neff, SLP

From Chris Killela, Leesville Rd HS

"Monies used for 3 new classroom laptops with Microsoft software, 5 replacement

cartridges for classroom printers which was provided by WCPSS but they won’t pay for

the ink, 2 sets of 15 mystery novels for group reading, 12 field trips to IMAX x 2, North

Carolina Symphony, North Carolina Museum of History, North Carolina Museum of

Natural Sciences, Special Olympics x2, Winterfest Prom @ Broughton High School,

Carolina Theatre x 2, University of North Carolina Morehead Planetarium, Raleigh Little

Theatre, Beach Party Prom @ Broughton high School, Duke University Nasher Art

Museum and Duke Gardens, Field of Dreams Baseball tournament and finally our

annual Thanksgiving Feast luncheon where we had approximately 65 guests collected

over 110 lbs of food for the North Carolina Food Pantry, and donated hand-made

Holiday cards thanking the military their families for their service, approximately 50

Children books and leftover food and desserts to the USO @ RDU. I'm sure there is

more but right now that is all I can remember."

From Amanda Hummel, Hillburn Academy

"Our three self-contained special education classes are working together to grow our

outdoor area by making some additions and modifications to be able to use the space

more functionally.

First we used some of our money to have an Eagle Scout from Leesville High School

create a table and benches (our kids can't sit in picnic tables and wheelchairs cannot be

scooted up to picnic tables where the bench is attached and our kids need a back on

the bench to sit). Therefore, he created a table and four benches where classes can

have a snack, art activity, or special activity outside. Children can sit at the benches

and side supports were added with the arm rests for visual clarity of where the end of

the bench is as well as to give side support to children with physical delays. In addition,

the benches are movable so adapted chairs and wheelchairs can be rolled up to the

table. We were using this in the grass area to grow this area and as we have started

the year, we moved it to a concrete area for more functional use.

Lastly, we have saved the rest of the money as we are saving up for a bigger project

where we are going to be raising money for the addition of a sun-shade over our

adapted swings. This project will take years to raise $6,000 (as the total cost is

$12,000) but we raised that amount 3 years ago over 5 years for the adapted swings

and now a sun shade would make the adapted swings more functional as the sun in

students eyes makes it not only hot but challenging for students with visual delays and

global delays to be able to use the adapted swings.

We are attaching a picture of the table and benches that have been made and we are

already using.

Thanks for supporting our classrooms."

Amanda Hummel, Natalie White, and Sharon Whittaker

Amanda Hummel

Pre-K Special Education Teacher

Hilburn Academy

From Mary Carreno, Cary High School

"I used my LAMB funds to purchase I-Pads for my classroom that my students will use to

strengthen academic skills and to enhance their communication. I've also used the

money for Community Based Instruction. It will help us pay for gas and other things that

will allow my students to learn how to access community resources. In the past, I've

used the money to buy structured, pre-vocational tasks that my students use to

strengthen their work skills which will help them become employable. I can't thank you

all enough for the funds. Have a great day!!"


Mary Carreno, MS

AU IV Teacher

Cary High School

From Deena Fahy, Kingswood Elementary School

"We purchased items for our instructional kitchen and food for some of our cooking

lessons. We some of the money to fund our field trip to the farm in April to pick

strawberries as a culminating activity to our plants unit. We still have some funds left

and I will be using that for some start up items for the school year and hopefully will

have enough for a fall field trip. Maybe we can go as a class on the 13th to Buffalo lanes

and go bowling??? I’ll look into that!

Thanks again for all that you do for us! It really helps a lot!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

Jessica Lewis, Cary Elementary School

"I am the speech language pathologist at Cary Elementary School. I work with kids from

preschool to 5th grade. Every year I use a portion of the funds to do a weekly cooking

activity with the students in the ECS level 2 class. They love participating in the

activities and getting to eat new foods. I love the communication opportunities....sorting

ingredients from cooking tools, talking about what cooking tools are used for (the spoon

is for stirring), sequencing the steps of the recipe..... I am also able to keep up with the

changing interests of my students by purchasing new therapy materials and activities.

Last year I was even able to purchase 2 voice output communication devices. I am able

to use them with the students in the preschool classroom who are non-verbal. I

appreciate having the opportunity to participate each year in raising funds for people

with disabilities."

Jessica Lewis, MS CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Cary Elementary School

Jason Hunning, Athens Drive Magnet High School

"We primarily used the LAMB funding from last year to pay for Lift Busses and drivers to

take our 4 ECS classes out into the community. We went to the Morehead Planetarium

in Chapel Hill, The Museum of life and Sciences in Durham, and we took a trip to Kings

bowling alley in North Hills. We have also spent funds for plants and tools for our class

gardening projects and groceries for cooking lessons and activities.

We cannot express how much our students benefit from these experiences. I can’t wait

to start planning how to use funding for the upcoming year."

Jason R Hunning M.Ed.

Extended Content Standards Teacher

Athens Drive Magnet High School

Terry Bailey, Cary Elementary School

"Hi Joseph,

I used the money to buy adaptive feeding equipment, sensory supplies for the

classroom, weighted pencils to improve handwriting, and adaptive seating for the

classroom. I so appreciate and am grateful for the LAMB funding! You guys are great!!


Terri Bailey, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Wake County Public Schools

Briarcliff ES, Cary ES, and West Cary MS

Robin Goins, Kingswood Elementary School

"This year I have used the money I received from your group to enhance my dramatic

play centers. I teach preschoolers with Developmental Delays and most of them having

difficulties learning to play appropriately with materials as well needing specific

instruction on how to play with their peers. I have purchased a variety of materials that

will help motivate my students to engage in a variety of play schemes and imaginary

play. I have also purchased several different games that will help teach my students

how to take turns and play cooperatively with another child.

Thank you so much for all that your group does to support special education classrooms

like mine!"

-Robin Goins


Last year (2018), funds raised went to the following:


85% to local community programs:  

  • Cary Elementary Special Needs Classrooms (5)
  • Cary High School Special Needs Classroom
  • Kingswood Elementary Special Needs Classrooms (3)
  • Hillburn Academy Special Needs Classroom (2)
  • Athens Drive Magnet High School Special Needs Classroom
  • Leesville Road High School Special Needs Classroom
  • Dillard Drive Middle School Special Needs Classroom
  • The ARC of Wake County
  • St. Andrew the Apostle Special Needs Ministry
15% to the State organizations and programs:
  • Holy Angels
  • Exceptional Children's Departments in schools across North Carolina
  • Special Olympics of NC
  • Duke Medical Fragile X Program
Regional DHHS Facilities: 
  • J. Iverson Riddle Center, Murdoch Center, O’Berry Center, Caswell Center

No overhead cost except for the Tootsie Rolls

93 cents of every dollar is awarded to recipients

All volunteer collections. No paid solicitors.

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Operation LAMB’s story starts in 1960 at the local Knights of Columbus council of William “Bill” Scott. Bill and his wife, Maureen, had two children with intellectual disabilities and experienced firsthand the desperate need to help fund facilities and organizations that care for, educate and support people like their children.


Bill’s idea grew, and by 1974 he enlisted the help of fellow state officers to present his program to the local Knights of Columbus councils across North Carolina. The idea was simple: If each local council collected funds on an entirely volunteer basis, all of the money raised could go directly where it’s needed most: to institutions that care for people with intellectual disabilities.


The program was unanimously approved and adopted, with Knights of Columbus across the state donning iconic yellow aprons and handing out Tootsie Rolls while raising money for Operation LAMB, which is an acronym derived from the Biblical phrase in Matthew to serve the “Least Among My Brethren.” Today, North Carolina has 130 councils with more than 16,000 members who take to streets and storefronts at various times throughout the year, offering Tootsie Rolls to passers-by for voluntary donations. Volunteers range from Knights of Columbus members and their families and friends to teachers and participants with intellectual disabilities from LAMB-sponsored organizations. A substantial portion of the funds raised also comes from the generous donations of local corporations and individuals.


The LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. was officially incorporated in 1999 to accommodate Operation LAMB’s growth and has raised $23+ million since its inception. Bill’s vision is still alive and well, with a whopping 93% of all funds raised going directly to program support (the 7% pays for our hallmark Tootsie Rolls, yellow vests and a required outside accountant who performs our annual financial review and tax filings).


Our allocation structure also ensures that our funding directly benefits the communities in which we live. Each local council allocates 85% of its collections for donation to local organizations. The remaining 15% is controlled by the LAMB Foundation of NC’s Board of Directors and is given to organizations that serve people with intellectual disabilities regionally, or organizations that may not have a local Knights of Columbus council and that have a special need.


In recent years, the LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. is proud to have achieved Gold Sponsor status with the Special Olympics North Carolina, one of our larger recipients.


Operation LAMB was conceived from the very personal experience of Bill and his family and has continued to be a passionately personal cause for our members, volunteers and the individuals and families impacted by our funding. We strive to increase our fundraising annually so that year over year we can support the “least among our brethren” in even more meaningful ways. Please join us.